Sunday, 2 August 2009

To-do list - Status

I am having slow progress on the T-beam bass (remember the to-do list?). I have carved out the curves for neck and body on the aluminium beam using hacksaw and file. There is still some filing to do before I mount the mahogany sides, which will also have the same bottom shape as the T-beam.

Time to buy a decent plane and spokeshave.

And to learn to use them.


st.paul said...

hey, im a big fan of your project, i really enjoy watching the progression. i have also made a 2 string, although out of a boat paddle and put your site down as a reference.

Alexander Gorm Øst said...

I'm glad you enjoy the project - although the progression could be faster.

Nice paddle bass! I like the idea of turning everyday items into guitars and basses, especially if they turn out sounding good and playing well. And thanks for the link.

st.paul said...

no problem, thanks for the compliment and ideas.