Thursday, 21 July 2011

Truly headless

After postponing it a number of times, I cut off the strat headstock of my very fine Warmoth neck. That took a bit of self persuation, but I needed it headless. A brass angle bracket is holding the strings. I also made a new acrylic body. This time, I tried to make it really fit my torso. I tried too hard: Most of the curves and shapes are too pronounced and it's actually too tight on the body.

Bridge and tuners are the same as in last post. I plan to make an improved version of the tuner bracket (or perhaps abandon it in favour of one using my plunger type tuners).

The pickup is a P90 mounted above the strings. I plan on experimenting with a couple of experimental pickups using primary coils with few windings and a current transformer, but I haven't gotten around to that.

It still needs a strap to be really comfortable.

Things I might do next:
  • Make a steam bent plywood body in the style of the acrylic ones.
  • Make a new and more ergonomic acrylic body.
  • Make a proper wooden body for the neck and ditch the rectangular steel tube for a while.
  • Test and develop my pickups.
  • Get back and properly finish the two-string bass. This involves adding a slidable pickup and a piezo-pickup with preamp.