Thursday, 4 June 2009

To-do list

Nothing much has happened on my T-beam-bass lately. I've replaced the jack connector since the old one didn't work and clamped the connecting cable going from the jack more securely to the sliding bracket. Plus, I've borrowed a friend's bass to do some comparisons of sound, feel and ergonomics.

His is a 34" bass, and though the picture doesn't really show it, mine, with its 30" scale length, is much smaller and lighter.

My bass still isn't exactly pretty, but I do intend it to be so one day. But until now (and probably some time ahead as well), most of my focus is on experimentation rather than looks.

Nevertheless, in an attempt to convey an idea of what I expect it to become some day, here's a list of some of the things, I'd like to do next:

  • Make the saddles lengthwise adjustable for intonation, i.e. making slots for the saddles and fastening them with nuts.
  • Shape the neck as shown on the image . I have to modify the sole plate of my jigsaw to be able to do that.
  • Make a prettier and more ergonomic shield in 5 mm acrylic (that's approximately 0.2"). The current one is just 3 mm thick, and it's too fragile and flimsy looking.
  • Make mahogany sides rather than the current spruce ones. What's keeping me back here is that I'm not quite sure yet where the holes for the shield are going to be, and I'd rather keep the mahogany intact and experiment on the spruce.
  • Decide whether I like the sound of the vertical pickup. If so, I'll tidy up the bracket. If not, I'll buy a P-bass-pickup and use one half of that in a new bracket.


bertram said...

well the plexiglas body is extremely cool, and you should patent it before someone steals the concept!

Alexander Gorm Øst said...

Thanks! I am very pleased with it myself. It works very well, and you can heat it and bend it to shape so it fits you perfectly.

Though I wouldn't mind just sitting on my butt, getting rich from royalties, I think patents do more harm than good, so that is not something I consider.

Besides, AFAIK publicizing the idea ruins its patentability. But I believe I've got the copyright to the artistic expression or whatever the term is. Like if it was a sculpture. So if Gibson steals it, I'll sue them, since they sue everybody else ;-)

Yes, you said the P-word and that got me going;-) I could rant for hours, so I stop here. Funnily enough, BTW, my very good friend from whom I borrowed the traditional bass on the picture, is a patent attorney.

bertram said...

well I left a few hundred guitar design sketches on my blog, so I know what you mean...

Alexander Gorm Øst said...

Yes, and you deserve thanks for showing the sketches for the joy and inspiration of the rest of us guitar enthusiasts... rather than keeping them in a drawer, paranoid of someone stealing your designs.