Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A slightly prettier sliding bracket

I've made a sliding bracket for the small pickup. It slides with little effort and easily picks up the different antinodes of the strings. Unfortunately, the pickup itself doesn't sound that good, so one of the next steps might be mounting one half of a P-bass pickup in a similar bracket - or perhaps have two sliding brackets and the usual switching arrangement.

Trying a good, well-known pickup should give me an idea of what the instrument sounds like and make it easier to find out its particular characteristics.

The system of cable and female jack on the body also works fine. I plan to add tone and volume pots down by the jack at some point.


bertram said...

the flexible between the jack and the pickup look cyborgly great! i'd love to hear some sound samples of this beasty, i found a good way to upload music on my blog with http://soundcloud.com

Alexander Gorm Øst said...

Thanks. I might use a more old-fashioned cable with woven cloth or a braided shield for a later version. The project is still "prototype", but at some point, almost everything on the bass will have been replaced with better looking and better functioning components. At least, that's the plan.

Sound samples.... I don't have a system as such for recording, But I've just installed Ubuntu Studio for a lot of purposes, including recording, so I expect to add sound samples once I've got it all set up right.