Thursday, 12 April 2012

Further progress on the two-layer neck

Improvements since last post:
Saddles modified -> lower action
Transparent plastic body (styrene-acrylonitrile) added.
Two screws at the bottom side of the head end holding the two layers of the neck together.
Row of neodymium magnets in M4 blind screws for current transformer pickups.

Future improvements:
String guide - pressing down on the strings before the zero fret, since they tend to rattle.
Row of magnets for current transformer pickup in bridge position.
Screw holes making the saddles lengthwise adjustable for intonation.
Piezo pickups and amplifier.
Jacks, switches, pots etc. I plan to put the electronics on the plastic body rather than on the beam itself.


Anonymous said...

awesome to see how the parts look better on every build!

Alexander Gorm Øst said...

Thanks! It's a very rewarding experience to improve with new projects. Plus, I've acquired better tools along the way. That helps a lot.