Thursday, 12 February 2009

Using traditional tuners for headless designs

A post on this blog contains some nice sketches of headless guitars with traditional tuners mounted behind the bridge. Some designs even had holes through the body for the tuners. That looked good, but it might be difficult to get a good hold of the tuners unless the holes are very big. Since tuner systems for headless guitars are few and expensive, using the old-fashioned ones in new ways is a viable alternative.

It struck me that a possible solution could be to mount the tuners on a metal plate in a hole routed through the guitar, the tuner knobs sticking up through the plate and the strings going through slots in the plate. I've fiddled around with designs like that before (only on paper so far), but in this particular case, with a tune-o-matic bridge, it seems especially straightforward.

On one of the sketches on the blog, it would look like this. Sorry about the artistic quality, the picture only serves to explain the idea.

I couldn't attach images to my reply on that post, so instead i put it here. Anyway, it shouldn't all be about T-beam guitars.


bertram said...

hello, I made some modification of your tuners plate, have a look at my blog.

Alexander Gorm Øst said...

Hello Bertram

I had a look in the "More Sketches" post of 16th. February, but I couldn't identify the plate among the sketches... is it on the turquoise guitar in "guitars-yv.jpg"?